Since 1999, Water Mania’s primary focus has been on providing our users with the most informative, detailed information and reviews on indoor hydroponic gardening supplies and equipment.  We’re brand neutral and our only focus is giving you the best information to make informed decisions on your equipment needs.  Our online indoor hydroponics equipment store carries all of the major products from the best, highest quality and most popular brands in the business.  Our featured hydroponic brands include:

  • General Hydroponics
  • Hydrofarm
  • Stealth Hydroponics
  • Viagrow
  • Hydroton
  • HydroFarm
  • HM Digital
  • LED Wholesalers
  • Virtual Sun
  • Aviditi
  • Acu Rite
  • Milwaukee Instruments
  • ViaGrow
  • Hydroponics Market
  • Lumatek
  • Sunshine Systems
  • Flora Hydroponics
  • Ushio Metal Halide
  • Quantum Ballast
  • Hortilux
  • Sun System
  • Power House
  • ViaVolt
  • XtraSun
  • AgroSun
  • Botanicare

All of these top hydroponic brands can be purchased here:



We provide wholesale pricing to all of our customers whether you’re a reseller or an end-user.   Please shop with complete confidence today.