Grow tents come in all shapes and sizes ranging from 2′x2′, all the way up to the enormous 10′x20′ models for garages.  When it comes to deciding which brand, style and size is right for your hydroponics indoor garden, there’s several key aspects to look at.  Do you need pre-plumbed ventilation ports?  Integrated equipment bars for carbon filters and grow lights? Access flaps with clear viewing windows?  Here’s an in-depth analysis on five of the most popular brand grow tents that are currently on the market, in no specific order-

1. Hydro Hut Silver Edition Grow Tent 

The Hydro Hut Silver Edition provides several key features for increased air ventilation and ruggedness.

HydroHut Silver Edition Grow Tent

Hydro Hut Silver Edition Grow Tent










These special features include:

  • Stronger flaps near the door
  • Heavy duty velcro for good air and light sealing properties
  • Rigid steel pipes and beefed up corners for increased strength
  • Tough outer fabric that won’t rip
  • Great integrated access points for ventilation and lighting
  • Built in Hydro Hut control board

2. GrowLab Complete Access Tents

GrowLab tents are another big player in the global hydroponics indoor gardening market.

GrowLab Rugged movable grow tent

GrowLab Rugged movable grow tent











Their tents have become increasingly popular due to several key features:

  •  Adjustable sturdy cross members
  • Multitude of intake & exhaust ports
  • Simple hood venting with adjustable ducting and fan ports
  • Water tight floor
  • Good quality material with sturdy zippers
  • opaque viewing windows
  • Bright Mylar reflective interior

3.  HomeBox Hydroponics Tents 

Home Box Hydro Gardening Tent

Home Box Hydro Gardening Tent








HomeBox tents produce highly brilliant light reflective qualities from the use of their patented inner lining fabric.

  • Bright White interior fabric
  • Heat absorbing fabric (white coloring)
  •  Less reflective for high wattage lighting applications
  • Easy access and cleaning characteristics
  • Ultra strong fabric and support structure
  • Easily portable and movable


4.  Sun Hut Grow Box Tent 

Sun Hut XL Growing Tents

Sun Hut XL Growing Tents








The Sun Hut is ideal for budget minded applications that still require a high quality grow room tent solution.  Key features include:

  • Highly reflective material inside
  • Easy to close off unused ports with built in velcro
  • Integrated back pack straps
  • Full metal support structure
  • Free flow air vents


5. Secret Jardin Indoor Hydro Grow Tent


Secret Jardin Grow Tents

Secret Jardin Grow Tents







Secret Jardin provides exceptional quality, value and light sealing capabilities with it’s integrated heavy duty zippers.  Here’s some main features of this grow tent:

  • Full front access
  • Black locking zippers
  • Built in zipper flaps for increased light tightness
  • Integrated water catcher for easy cleaning
  • Double sided ventilation ports
  • great air flow qualities
  • Free flow air vent


All of the above grow tents will provide years of service and will deliver exceptional growing results.  From our vast research, you can’t go wrong with any of them.   Make sure to bookmark us and check back with us frequently for more upcoming hydroponics reviews.